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Social Networking

In Real Life, In Real-Time

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No-Name Basis

Connect with people you can see IRL.
No name. No age. No Maps.
We don't do that here.


Your personal info is NOT displayed to others around you.


Zefyr let's strangers remain strangers.

You decide when that changes...


Live Rooms

 Create/Join live chats in seconds with up to hundreds at your location without sending a single invite link.

You can end the Live Rooms whenever you like, or keep them as a group chat that lasts forever. 

It's up to you. 

Look Around You

Forget the algorithms for a second. 

Explore the real world.
You could be 10 seats away from a potential new best friend. Or 100 ft away from a new workout partner.
Whether you're at a football game, a concert, or a networking event.

Connect effortlessly with others there on Zefyr.

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It's a Small World

 At the mall, at a festival, or even at the library... you never know when you might need a friend.

On Zefyr, you can find your friends who are currently near you.

Oh, and without the added pressure of being put on a map that shows your every move.
Your friends only see you when you're at the same location.

Must be 13 or older to use Zefyr.

You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

Only available in USA

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