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Talk to people around you

 Create/Join live rooms in seconds with up to hundreds at your location without sending a single invite link.

You can end the Live Rooms whenever you like, or keep them as group chats that last forever. 

It's up to you. 

What's going on right now?

You probably know what's going on in the world but did you know a student org is giving out 1000 free sandwiches right now less than a 3 minute walk away from you?

Discover what's happening nearby directly from people right around you.

Rooms around you
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Get everyone in a room

Sometimes it feels impossible to connect with all the people we want to at events.

Create a Live Room.


Get connected and stay connected with everyone at events, even after you leave.

It's really that simple. 

Must be 13 or older to use Zefyr.

You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

Only available in USA

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